Red Oak Strategic employs a team with full-stack data science, analytics consulting, survey research and diverse client experiences to tackle client problems with innovative approaches. With skillsets across the spectrum, including cloud-based infrastructures, diverse coding platforms and industry-standard analytics tools, we're prepared to meet any data-related or research problem with a cutting-edge solution.

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Red Oak Strategic was founded in 2012 in Washington, DC by our CEO, Mark Stephenson, with the goal of helping clients fully integrate data and analytics into their organizations. At the time, the Red Oak team was designing and executing analytics programs at high levels in US politics, real estate and finance. We knew that by leveraging and applying innovative data science, predictive modeling, and data visualization tools, along with strategic consulting, clients could quickly realize efficiencies and automation in data processes and improve their business performance.

Since being founded 9 years ago, Red Oak Strategic has grown to a full-scale analytics and consulting firm, with clients ranging from Fortune 50 companies, hedge funds, private equity firms, real estate, political campaigns and organizations and marketing efforts. We work on global projects across industries, designing and building data-driven solutions, visualizations, and consulting our clients on how to leverage data science in their operations. We leverage leading-edge, industry skills and tools that other consulting firms fall behind on, while delivering custom, customer-focused value propositions in a quick, efficient way.


We're comprised of a highly skilled team, with education and experience in finance, politics, business, supply chain and other industry verticals.

Mark Stephenson


Mark is the founder of Red Oak Strategic and has worked in the data science, consulting and technology space for over 15 years. He pulls skills from his work as a data scientist, an analytics and data expert, software development manager, political campaign operative, as well as a unique set of technology skills to drive successes for clients.

He has worked with clients large and small in numerous industries, including finance, real estate, politics, supply chain, healthcare and other corporate verticals to design and build effective data science and analytics solutions.

Mark is widely quoted by media outlets as a data science and technology expert and in 2015 was named a top data scientist by Wired Magazine. He works in all phases of the data science pipeline, including data engineering, machine learning and analytics, reporting, management consulting and business strategy.

Patrick Stewart


Patrick Stewart serves as Red Oak Strategic’s Chief Revenue Officer where his responsibilities include business development and client partnerships across a number of verticals, including corporate consulting, political organizations, financial services institutions and non-profit organizations. His background in both politics and international business provides a unique approach to solving client challenges.

Patrick draws on experience in database management and business intelligence as well as a keen interest in emerging technologies to tailor solutions to Red Oak Strategic clients’ needs. His client work spans a wide range of project and organization types, from Fortune 50 companies to local political organizations.

A native North Carolinian, Patrick holds a bachelor of arts from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He lives in Washington, DC with his fiancé and 100lb German Shepherd lap dog, Auggie.

Daina Andries


Daina joined the team at Red Oak Strategic as a data scientist after graduating with a Master of Science in Information (MSI) from the University of Michigan. She builds custom visualizations, web scraping tools, modeling strategies and analytics on behalf of trading and private equity firms, along with other Red Oak Strategic client verticals.

Daina has experience in advising clients on adapting emergent blockchain and DLT technologies to their unique business needs. She has worked on designing and implementing enterprise blockchain solutions for use cases in financial risk management and healthcare. As a master’s student at Michigan, Daina honed her skills in programming, ETL, data analytics, and user experience research while working as a visualization consultant at the Clark Library, a special library for maps and geospatial data.

Jake Russ


Jake is Chief Data Scientist at Red Oak Strategic. An expert in statistical modeling and machine learning, he has over a decade of experience in engineering data solutions that support critical business decisions.

Jake joined Red Oak Strategic in 2018 where he leads our predictive modeling, sample development and analytics teams. He is an active contributor to the R open-source community, as well as maintainer of key R packages. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from George Mason University. At Red Oak Strategic Jake uses his expertise in statistical modeling and big data technologies to help clients with their data analytics, visualization, and engineering needs. He builds custom data tools that inform the strategies of political, financial, investment and corporate clients.

Michio Aida


Michio Aida is Chief Technology Officer at Red Oak Strategic. Prior to joining the Red Oak team, Michio worked at the White House as Tech Director in the Office of the Chief Information Officer, managing a portfolio of digital properties that included

Michio has over 17 years of engineering experience working in blockchain, frontend, backend, database, and DevOps. He has an extensive background in numerous industries, including politics, life insurance, education, manufacturing, and the public sector.

Jessie Edge


Jessie Edge is Managing Director at Red Oak Strategic, assisting clients with survey research, modeling and client services. Prior to joining Red Oak Strategic as Managing Director, Jessie worked with survey research and analytics to assist campaigns and non-political organizations with making data driven decisions. She is experienced in survey methodology, fielding, weighting and analyzing survey data for political, non-profit and corporate market research.

Jessie holds a certificate in social and behavioral research, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Sociology from Augusta University. Jessie went on to obtain a Master of Public Administration and Policy (MPAP) from American University.

Tyler Sanders


Tyler is a Data Scientist and Solutions Architect at Red Oak Strategic. As a certified AWS Solutions Architect - Professional focusing on data analytics and migration, he enjoys designing cloud systems from scratch and converting legacy systems to run on modern services including Lambda, EC2, S3, and Redshift. 

Tyler is also an experienced political analyst and forecaster with an extensive background in polling and modeling across dozens of states. He is also a political demographer and map maker. During the 2020 redistricting process, Tyler had the privilege of testifying as an expert witness at the New Mexico State Capitol as the legislature debated congressional and legislative maps he had designed with R and ArcGIS.

Prior to joining Red Oak Strategic in 2019, Tyler served 4 years as head mascot at American University, where he also earned a BA studying Economics, Political Science, and Community Research. Go Eagles!

Andrea Pascale


Andrea Pascale is a Data Analyst at Red Oak Strategic with an extensive background in political campaigns and nonprofit advocacy. Her skills include programming in R and Python, database configuration, and generating client-facing reports in R Markdown and Tableau. She most recently worked for a multinational conglomerate where she consulted a variety of clients on commodity market forecasting, supply chain optimization, and financial accounting.

Andrea's future research interests include AI/machine learning for natural language processing and global economic indicators. She holds a graduate certificate in Data Science from the Georgetown School of Continuing Studies and a BA in International Affairs from George Washington University