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Audience Segmentation

Identify and connect with the audiences most likely to
support you with expert audience segmentation services

Whether you are conducting a political campaign, launching a new product, seeking approval for
a major project, or anything in between, market research is a vital part of your strategy.

Red Oak's Audience Segmentation services can help you gain feedback from general populations,
identify your ideal target audience, and gather the important information and support required to
achieve a victorious outcome.

Survey Research

Red Oak Strategic can do survey research on your behalf, including conducting
polls and speaking to target populations to gather information
relevant to your organization, campaigns, products, etc.

Predictive Models

Once survey research has been conducted, we build a machine
learning model against the hundreds (or thousands) of data points
from the individuals in the target population.

This modeling produces predictions and can identify how likely
individuals are to support a campaign, a candidate, a piece of
legislation, a product - whatever it is you are putting forward. 
Predictive models are key to driving audiences and marketing to the
right audience.

Custom Audiences

Red Oak Strategic can assist your campaigns by building highly targeted
audiences for cross-platform outreach, including mail, digital, linear,
in-person contact assists, phone calls, and more. This will help you contact
and engage with the audiences that are most likely to support your
cause or provide approval for your projects.

List Rentals

If you lack the time or budget to conduct your own survey research
and/or predictive models, Red Oak Strategic can rent out lists pulled from
our internal data sets. These provide generic lists of names likely to
provide support - including donor lists.

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