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Get the most out of your cloud solutions with strategic
data analytics consulting services

Our range of data analytics consulting services enables you to get the most out of your cloud and data solutions through ongoing expert support.

Once we have built your custom solutions, Red Oak Strategic can provide ongoing strategic support to leverage your data and drive organizational outcomes. We can help you understand how to better use your data, how to monetize your data, and how to maximize data-driven decision making across your organization.

Data-Driven Strategy

Having the right systems to manage your data well is one thing - but how do you ensure
you're using it to its full advantage?

Our Data-Driven Strategy consulting services provide a custom roadmap outlining how
to better use your data throughout your organization, including how you can implement
the right processes and tools needed to gain detailed insights and predictions, plus
recognize opportunities for process improvements.

  • Better understand your data across your organization
  • Use data to drive faster, better-informed decision making
  • Implement data processes and tools tailored to your business

Managed Services

Cloud is not set and forget. It requires ongoing management and maintenance for peak

Our Managed Services offering gives you access to our team's skills and expertise long
after we've built your solutions. We'll stay on to help manage and optimize your servers,
processes, and applications - ensuring optimal output and allowing your team to focus on business outcomes without the strain of IT management.
Managed Services can be particularly beneficial for organizations that lack the 
time, skills or resources to manage their architecture in-house.

  • Receive ongoing expert assistance to manage your architecture
  • On-demand data science and analytics expertise
  • Have a managed service provider who is familiar with your business and infrastructure

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