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AWS Cloud Solutions

Serverless & Automation

Realize the benefits of automation without the hassle of maintenance

Our Serverless and Automation solutions enable your organization to access all the advantages of the cloud without the need to manage code, updates on a server or the costs of an always-on workload.

In times when you don't need a highly customized and controllable computing environment, serverless provides an opportunity to implement process automation more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Red Oak Strategic can help you automate manual and time-consuming tasks including reporting, ETL, and database management with set-and-forget code that requires zero maintenance.

Up to 70% of all new AWS workloads involve serverless, thanks to its ability to:

  • Reduce maintenance and running costs
  • Minimize work for IT teams
  • Implement simple 'set and forget' automation
  • Increase efficiency organization-wide

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